What is LOCO MOCO?

HOW TO MAKE LOCO MOCO RECIPE, Loco Moco is a beloved Hawaiian comfort food served for breakfast, lunch or dinner. The dish consists of tender and juicy seasoned beef patties wrapped in a silky, umami-rich mushroom gravy, served with sticky white rice and topped with a fried egg. There are countless variations and may include bacon, ham, spam, tofu, kalua pork, beef teriyaki, chicken teriyaki, mahi mahi, shrimp or oysters.


Origin of Loco Moco
The exact origins of this iconic Hawaiian dish are unknown, but it’s widely believed to have been invented in 1949 at Lincoln’s Grill in Hilo, Hawaii. That being said, the bankrupt teen from Lincoln Wreckers Sports wanted a unique (not your typical burger) but affordable dish that was quick to prepare, big and cheap, and loaded with carbs. They ditched the idea of rice, beef and gravy, and Loco Moco was born. Eggs are added later. Moco Loco quickly became a popular restaurant staple and slowly spread across the island.

Why is it called “Loco Moco”?
The teens named the dish after one of their members, George Okimoto, “Loco Moco,” nicknamed “Crazy” (Hawaiian pidgen slang for “crazy/nut”), and also The first person to try this dish. They added “moco” to the rhyming playful joke, and the dish has been known as Loco Moco ever since.

Why this recipe works
If you haven’t had the pleasure of this vibrant, palate tantalizing dish before, the wait is over! The famous Loco Moco is my most awaited breakfast whenever we visit Hawaii, and now you can have it in your own home!

What sets this particular Moco Loco recipe apart is the generous amount of thick, luscious, delicious mushroom gravy. More gravy than other recipes to get a better burger to gravy ratio – because you’ll want all the gravy.

The gravy is rich, tangy, and fat, with buttery caramelized mushrooms, aromatic onions and garlic, studded with soy, Worcestershire, Dijon and two of my secret recipes: 1) Beef bouillon that deepens the flavor and entices the palate to think it’s already Simmered all day, 2) toasted sesame oil gives the gravy a delicate nutty flavour.


The story of LOCO MOCO
I first heard about the famous Loco Moco when I was dating my husband. When he was a kid, his father surprised the family with comforting Hawaiian food for Christmas breakfast. Soon after, it was time for the brothers’ white elephants to exchange gifts, and one of the brothers wrapped a Loco Moco in Tupperware and gift-wrapped it with a candy cane on top. Gifts from this brother have been special over the past few years, so it’s no surprise that his gifts are the most sought after/exchanged. To the delight of the family, and to the chagrin of the recipient, the gift was Loco Moco, who had just delivered breakfast 30 minutes earlier. Never a white elephant gift to top it!

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